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to use Gold Bond Medicated Powder to your genitalia of male, or female, human anatomy (generally speaking male). Connecting departs an individual with a cooling feeling, a sense of total satisfaction as though the user features achieved something of good magnitude, AND stops chafing. Bonding with buddies is a superb solution to spend any weekend evening, and it is a prerequisite to virtually any action-filled night with the ladies. For most readily useful outcomes (if male), "poof" onto hand and make use of a cupping movement around testicles and go your way within the other countries in the genitalia. Relationship no more than 3-4 times daily thereby applying GENEROUSLY. All things considered, what's the idea of Bonding if you do not "FEEL THE BUZZ?!" To behave or have comparable characteristics as James Bond. James Bond is super-smooth with double-o standing. Females desire him and males desire to be him, he is a true playa the real deal. This guy sleeps with at least 3 girls per motion picture, gets shot at a million times and does not get struck. When you have some things, or do a little stuff like James Bond, after that you’re bonding.