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Bomer (BOH-mer) Noun, Verb (Bomered, Bomering)Bomer is the dark reflection of Homer Simpson. Whereas Homer is an excitable, simple-minded, happy-go-lucky personality, Bomer is a morose, tragic person, trapped permanently in an endless period of self-hate and tough drug abuse. In the heroine-educed stupors, he usually imagines their body twisting and deforming into inhuman, frequently monstrous forms. His just escape is into his art. Their deep, emotional self-portraits happen thought to be a number of the best art of your generation. His special, ever before fluctuating design has attracted numerous imitators. His tragic visage is becoming an icon on art world, and is used as a symbol associated with artistic revolution. A kind of boner that perhaps the straightest right guy gets as he sees amazingly handsome White Collar star Matt Bomer. a stage between an erection, and a flacid cock. appropriate n. Very gifted punk rock artists ever before.