What does Bombay mean?

Bombay meaning in Etymology Dictionary

city in western Asia, from Portuguese, and popularly explained as Portuguese bom bahia "good bay," but that appears folk etymology (for starters, the adjective is masculine as well as the noun is feminine), while the more likely candidate is the neighborhood Mumbadevi "Goddess Mumba," a Hindu deity worshipped truth be told there. The city's name formally changed to Mumbai in 1995.

Bombay meaning in General Dictionary

a city in western India only from the coast for the Arabian water; India's 2nd largest city (after Calcutta); gets the only natural deep-water harbor in western Asia

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Sentence Examples with the word Bombay

In recent years many have taken to the professions of law and medicine, and a Parsee barrister was appointed a judge of the High Court at Bombay in 1906.

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