What does Bom mean?

Bom meaning in General Dictionary

a sizable US serpent so called from sound it generates

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  • A large United states serpent, so-called from the noise it makes.

Bom meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A sizable US serpent, so-called from the sound it generates.

Sentence Examples with the word Bom

The most important are: Bezerros (17,484), Bom Jardim (40,160), Brejo da Madre de Deus (13,655), a town of the higher agreste region, Cabo (13,337), Caruaru (17,844), Escada (9331), Garanhuns (32,788, covering six towns and villages), Gloria de Goyta (24,554), Goyanna, Limoeiro (21,576), Olinda (8080), the old colonial capital and episcopal see, Rio Formosa (6080), Timbauba (9514) and Victoria (32,422).

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