What does Bolshevik mean?

Bolshevik meaning in General Dictionary

of or pertaining to Bolsheviks or bolshevism

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  • a part of this extreme left wing of the Social Democratic Party that seized power in Russia in 1917 following the Russian October Revolution and advocated rule because of the proletariat and condition ownership of home
  • of or concerning Bolshevism
  • a Russian person in the left-wing majority team that used Lenin and in the end became the Russian communist party
  • emotionally charged terms accustomed reference severe radicals or revolutionaries

Bolshevik meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1917, from Russian bol'shiy "greater," comparative of adjective bol'shoy "big, great" (like in Bolshoi Ballet), from Old Church Slavonic boljiji "larger," from PIE root *bel- "strong" (cognates: Sanskrit balam "strength, power," Greek beltion "better," Phrygian balaios "big, quickly," Old Irish odbal "powerful," Welsh balch "proud;" Middle Dutch, reasonable German, Frisian pal "powerful, fast").u000du000au000du000aIt was the faction of the Russian Social Democratic employee's celebration after a split in 1903 that has been either larger or higher extreme (or both) compared to Mensheviks (from Russian men'shij "less"); when they seized power in 1917, used typically to Russian communists. Bolshevism is taped from 1917.

Sentence Examples with the word Bolshevik

A Bolshevik Government headed by Shtuchka was installed in Riga.

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