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An attention-deficit popular animal of Korean folk, known due to the level, weight, and high pitch squeal, which many scientists state may be the reason for disease. The face area of animal is of a gorilla's but he's got the body of an elephant, the arms of a T- Rex, and feet of a giraffe (which concerns the power of Bolby to walk-on two legs). Victims' description of the level ranges from 12 legs to 36 foot. But coincidentally, each of them decided on the reality that its round stomach is able to ingest a person entire.All for the sufferers of this creatures assault stated that before these were attacked, they heard their particular title known as in an irritating high-pitched style, which causes immediate paralysis. Apparently, this paralysis means that the fat creature can get caught up to its goals. Some people state these people were paralyzed all night, even though the creature was only some footsteps away. This is most likely considering that the animal was also busy chasing butterflies or something.For some explanation, feminine people tend to be extremely interested in Bolby. SO feel WARNED adj./noun:An African American slave term that's socially acceptable to speak in public places, ideally in bolby main areas with many bolbies around. It's the word for Niglet, Nigger, spooks, darkie, and any other racial term balled into one marvelous word. Plural: Bolbies.