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A boland, or bolandiumii in plural, is a fungal disease that impacts the tissue round the lavia when it comes to woman. The disease doesn't influence males.Its symptoms tend to be the following,1) Cough, Headache2) Sweaty pubic area3) Foul odor (like rotten eggs)4) A blotchy rash (yellow to orange in complexion)5) Pussuiles (spots of underlying puss)Doctors confess that there surely is no treatment, and CERN estimates that 1 in 150 men and women when you look at the Uk Isles have this.Treatment is present, but as a result of scraping off of the scabs, in addition to loss of components of the lavia, numerous learn to live with "The Boland" a term that derives from the Swedish translation associated with the word baseball gap ball meaning ("ball") and gap definition ("land") and is much like the the baseball pit a boland is someplace for games and fun the real difference becoming the boland is in most cases financed because of the government to present a playful environment for teenagers with underdeveloped discovering capabilities The type of intercourse you have as soon as your in your period...through the butt.