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Character through the animé series Sonic X.Bokkun is a small messenger robot who works for their creator Dr.Eggman. He carries transportable Television sets around in a bag, that are always show emails from Eggman himself. Bokkun has a liking towards explosives, and sometimes locates humour in seeing the message TV's he carries around, explode into the recipients face. Bokkun often has bozzare mood-swings, often switching from crazy, yet instead pretty, suits of laughter to being morbidly despondent and crying.At one point, many people mistook Bokkun for a chao, because of his his minor resemblence into deep Chaos intorduced in Sonic Adventure 2.Even though he could be a tremendously minor character, Bokkun ended up being undoubtedly among, if not the most effective figures in Sonic X, often supplying much humour and sympathy. Unfortunatly, he'll probably not be showcased in just about any Sonic games.Its additionally worth noting that their sound when you look at the united states dub version is ordinary shit.