What does Boise Friend mean?

Boise Friend meaning in Urban Dictionary

A person who you'll see in person just a few times a year because of living in seperate, distant towns; often hot adequate to justify work in interaction. For some of the season, experience of this individual is out there only through text messages, the sporadic phone call or mail. Typically, upon reunion, the Boise buddy will profess enjoyment and pleasure for seeing you and bemoan the simple contact other year. After witnessing the Boise buddy, communication is rather regular. After four weeks roughly, but they stop responding to texts plus don't call back so that the interaction is wholly one-sided. After a time the crap they dish out this way outweighs their recurring hotness and also at this aspect you delete them from your various associates. The Boise buddy really should not be mistaken for the Long Distance buddy, with whom contact is obviously two-way, if simple.