What does Boii boii mean?

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An expression which is used to include focus on any remark that another person made, usually one with a humorous intention or used in occasion. Utilized at the end of a comment. a term employed by the stereotypical chav either in an internet discussion or via text message as an option to your message 'boy'.There is not any REAL good reason why they normally use the term 'boii', however the two i's (ii) be seemingly quite popular amonst the chavs when you look at the 14-18 age group.There are also terms these types of asdaii (day)doiin (doing)iino (i'm sure)musiic (songs)Whats even worse, usually some people use the term 'boi', Message to people whom say 'boi', this doesnt turn you into those types of sluggish typers, as the the exact same number of words as 'boy', it simply enables you to look stupid.