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produced by mixing the language Bohippian and Hipster, Bohippister are the third-world anthropophagic synthesis of metropolitan hipsters and hippie modern revivalists.They share the same counter-culture, modern, anti-systemic values and a typically urban style for art and style. However, bohippisters seek to help make up for their upper-middle class guilt by practicing veganism, yoga, meditation, conscious usage, voluntary works and resistance methods, including black colored spotting and memewaring.They support Revolutionary like in addition to act of free love, seeking self-satisfaction and world serenity. They've been upbeat Rev Setters, playing whatever manifestation discover.Bohippisters wear a confusing mix of hipster outfits with people recommendations. They protect Folkosmopolitism as method to blend neighborhood references from all over the over and bring humanity closer together. There is a high work to stabilize between Northern and Southern, Eastern and west references.Music flavor is a wild mix of international people and metropolitan designs, including the Decemberists, Bill Callahan, Ratatat, Bon Iver, Neutral Milk Hotel, Gil Scott-Heron, Coco Rosie, Björk, Secos age Molhados, Yucumim, Janis Joplin, Fela Kuti, Tinariwen, The doorways, Animal Collective, Devendra Banhart, Jefferson Airplane, Os Mutantes, Fever Ray, Ali Farka Touré, The XX, The Do, Gogol Bordello, Amabis, Iron & Wine, Omar Souleyman, PJ Harvey, Royksöpp and Parov Stelar.