What does Bohemia mean?

Bohemia meaning in General Dictionary

A country of central European countries

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  • a historical location and previous kingdom into the Czech Republic
  • several artists and article authors with real or pretended artistic or intellectual aspirations and often an unconventional life style
  • a nation of main Europe.
  • Fig.: The region or neighborhood of social Bohemians. See Bohemian, n., 3.

Bohemia meaning in Etymology Dictionary

central European kingdom, mid-15c., Beeme, from center French Boheme "Bohemia," from Latin Boiohaemum (Tacitus), from Boii, the Celtic those who decided in what happens to be Bohemia (and had been driven from it because of the Germanic Marcomans early 1c.; single Boius, fem. Boia, maybe virtually "warriors") + Proto-Germanic *haimaz "home" (see home (n.)). Attested from 1861 in meaning "neighborhood of performers and personal Bohemians" or perhaps in mention of the the region where they live (see bohemian).

Bohemia meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A country of main European countries.

Sentence Examples with the word Bohemia

Towards all her Magyars, especially the Catholics, she was ever most gracious; but the magnates, the Batthyanis, the Nadasdys, the Pallfys, the Andrassys, who had chased her enemies from Bohemia and routed them in Bavaria, enjoyed the lion's share of her benefactions.

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