What does Bohbeedees mean?

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Noun - A peculiar stress of creatures getting the outward appearance of Homo Sapiens. In fact they have been positioned on planet for a sinister function. Their particular ultimate aim should attack and annihilate the Frontal lobe of each free-thinking, logical and sane individual, until he/she becomes a member of these misshapen tribe.These apparently normal Bi-peds can be obtained plaguing online communities and discussion threads. But they usually have already been spotted in large seats of governmental power, the local coffee shop plus in libraries (under deep cover) wanting to act intelligent. They can straight away be recognised making use of their laughable efforts at English, retarded writing/speaking abilities, inane/insane/incoherent commentary, irrational statements, vast spaces in way of thinking and their particular intense hatred for factual data & recommendations.Warning: The mannerisms of Bohbeedees have actually often been mistaken with that of hard-core Marijuana addicts, LSD junkies, individuals with extreme mind damage or dyslexia.The term 'BOHBEEDEE' had been brought into popular consumption on Orkut. The expression is just to be utilized as an invective.