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A Worm which managed to procure the "latest unit" from another worm and proceeded to strike shit up making use of this product (including himself). Boggy B is a character from the Worms show, an unfortunately underrated Brit turn-based strategy artillery game show developed by Team17 Digital Ltd.Boggy B is an elite military soldier and a legendary hero, significantly popular by Worms fans like me, in addition to mascot of Team17. He's almost certainly the primary protagonist of Worms, with Spadge (their best friend, and perhaps his sibling based on Wormsong 2003, but it is unsure) as the feasible deuteragonist, even though Worms doesn't have a lot of a tale. The Wormsongs (composed by Bjorn Lynne) are soundtracks additionally narrated stories based on Boggy B's battles, as they are probably the greatest and most special game soundtracks ever composed.There are four Wormsongs, but i can not compose all of them straight down or explain what occurred, as it'd be too long. Go to Worms Wiki and search "Wormsongs".Boggy B makes several cameo appearances within the show as well, either in particular cut-scenes (like one from Worms 4: Mayhem) or as an automated Worm name which appears sometimes while generating your own personal group. That isn't all, his title also seems on some flags and gravestones.Worms is the best online game number of all-time, and I think Boggy B is a bad-ass but underrated character, and so I named myself after him. Even my YouTube account name is Boggy B, and I also've produced my personal Worms 4: Mayhem Machinima series named "Worms: Fallen Heroes" which features Boggy B (the Worm) whilst the primary antagonist regarding the series.