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Australian slang term accustomed describe a dero (derro) or a tramp. Someone who is a bum through the dregs of culture and is generally speaking a distressing person. Produced by Boggo Road Gaol, a now-defunct maximum security jail in Brisbane, Australia. A Queensland national inquiry into the living circumstances of State prisons discovered Boggo path become obsolete and insufficient for prisoners' needs. No.2 Division had been closed in 1989, and the No.1 Division had been closed in 1992 and demolished in 1996.For a prison to be closed right here these types of circumstances would indicate it must have already been really and undoubtedly shithouse. Therefore, 'boggo' can be used to describe any person or thing which severe one way or another. Hard, yet not Fucking pussy hard like Van Damme.Rad, Occasionally boggo is rad (see examples) extended through the term bog. making the word boggo.