What does Bogey mean?

Bogey meaning in General Dictionary

A goblin a bugbear

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  • to capture within one swing over par
  • an evil character
  • (tennis) a score of one swing over par on a hole
  • an unidentified (and possibly adversary) aircraft
  • A goblin; a bugbear. See Bogy.

Bogey meaning in Names Dictionary

Diminutive of Bogart: Bow power. Known Bearer: late U.S. film star Humphrey Bogart.
Name Origin: French
Name Gender: Male

Bogey meaning in Law Dictionary

The slang way of refering into performance of an investment.

Bogey meaning in Etymology Dictionary

World War II aviator slang for "unidentified aircraft, apparently hostile," most likely ultimately from bogge, a variant of Middle English bugge "a frightening specter" (see bug (letter.)). Thus it shares ancestry with many dialect terms, such as bog/bogge (attested 16c.-17c.), bogeyman (16c.), boggart "specter that haunts a gloomy area" (c.1570, in Westmoreland, Lancashire, Cheshire, and Yorkshire). The earliest contemporary form seems to be Scottish bogle "ghost," attested from c.1500 and popularized c.1800 in English literary works by Scott, Burns, etc.

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  • in golfing, c.1891, originally "number of strokes good player is meant to dependence on confirmed hole or program;" later, "score one over par" (1946); through the exact same origin as bogey (n.1), regarding thought of a "phantom" opponent, represented because of the "ground score." The phrase was at vogue at that time in Britain due to the popularity of a music hallway tune "Hush, Hush, Hush, Here Comes the Bogey guy."One preferred track at least features kept its permanent impact on golf. That tune is 'The Bogey guy.' In 1890 Dr. Thos. Browne, R.N., the hon. assistant of the Great Yarmouth Club, was playing against a significant Wellman, the match becoming against the 'ground rating,' which was title fond of the scrape worth of each hole. The machine of playing resistant to the 'ground rating' ended up being new to significant Wellman, in which he exclaimed, thinking of the tune of the moment, that his mystical and well-nigh invincible adversary had been an everyday 'bogey-man.' Title 'caught on' at Great Yarmouth, and to-day 'Bogey' the most feared opponents on all the courses that acknowledge him. [1908, cited in OED] Other very early golfing resources provide an American beginning. As a verb, attested by 1948.

Bogey meaning in Sports Dictionary

A score of just one over par for just about any given hole. For instance, for six shots on a par five. (sport: Golf)

Bogey meaning in Business Dictionary

A slang term that identifies how good a good investment is performing. Stock experts commonly use the "S&P 500 index" to find out the bogey on a good investment fund,

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bogey [golf]