What does Bogart mean?

Bogart meaning in General Dictionary

Humphrey DeForest Bogart popular movie actor most frequently called Humphrey Bogart b 1899 d 1957

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  • US movie star (1899-1957)

Bogart meaning in Names Dictionary

Strong as a bow.
Name Origin: French
Name Gender: Male

Bogart meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1969, "maintain a joint in your lips," dangling from the lip like Humphrey Bogart's smoke in the old movies, in the place of moving it on. First attested in "effortless Rider." Your message was also utilized 1960s with notions of "get something by intimidation, be a tough guy" (once again with regards to the actor together with figures he typically played). In old ingesting slang, Captain Cork ended up being "a person slow in driving the bottle."