What does Bogan loungeroom mean?

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property storage, fitted completely like it's an income area- filled with chairs, settee in addition to tv, video game consoles, hi-fi etc. A bogan loungeroom is typified because of the proven fact that the garage home generally remains open for several passers-by to see in. This is exactly why they're much more significant all-year-round in Queensland (esp Brisbane) suburbia instead of in more gentle climates.See also Kiwi loungeroom- a particular by-product regarding the preceding differentiated because of the occupants proudly displaying a Silver Fern or All Blacks flag on prominent wall, often consuming Steinlager and conversing loudly with only three vowel sounds.A rarer specific case is the bogan (or Kiwi) bedroom, that is enhanced by at the least, yet not limited to, one bed, and familiar with (illegally) sleep in.