What does Boers and Bernstein mean?

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The greatest recreations talk tv show on radio. Its broadcast on Chicago's AM 670 or on the net. The program features special segments like "whom ya Crappin'", in which listeners contact and call men and women out for saying dumb material, and "Friday Fung", where an interest is selected and listeners contact to inform strories towards subject. Its on from 2PM to 6PM and it is ideal for distracting you against work. Terry Boers is a hilarious and goofy old-man which makes some of the best reviews about different general public (and pubic) figures i've heard. His biggest line was after becoming perplexed about a caller's point he stated, "Im all-turned around like Heath Ledger." He in addition does outrageous offers and sometimes you would imagine he has got had some in studio. Dan Bernstein is a very wise Duke graduate who is additionally a fairly funny guy, however with a dryer spontaneity than Terry. He dislikes Barry Bonds also raging butt hats which inhabit a situation of denial as to what really takes place within the recreations world.The producer is Matt Abattacola that is "to consuming exactly what Kenyans tend to be to running." He prefers Captain and Cokes and is sometimes seen downtown perambulating since the tv show is on the atmosphere. Great guy who's quite fun to take in with.