What does Body type mean?

Body type meaning in Medical Dictionary

A somewhat antique term accustomed classify the individual form into three major types: ectomorphic, mesomorphic, or endomorphic.

Body type meaning in Law Dictionary

The font used in the writing for almost any imprinted product. The headline and subheadings are not included. Serif fonts are commonly found in size 9-12 things.

Body type meaning in Business Dictionary

Typefont utilized for the bulk of text (human body copy) in an advertisement, book, brochure any printed matter excluding headline and subheadings. Frequently, serif fonts (from 9 to 12 points) can be used for physical stature.

Body type meaning in General Dictionary

a category of physique

Body type meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

The font or kind which is used through the entire almost all a document is the physique.