What does Bodhisattva mean?

Bodhisattva meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1828, from Sanskrit, virtually "one whoever essence is perfect understanding," from bodhi "perfect understanding" (see Buddha) + sattva "reality, becoming."

Bodhisattva meaning in General Dictionary

Buddhist worth nirvana which postpones it to help others

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Bodhisattva meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Skr.) "presence (sattva) in circumstances of wisdom (bodhi)", such ended up being achieved by Gautama Buddha (s.v.); a Buddhist wise and holy man. -- K.F.L.

Sentence Examples with the word Bodhisattva

Of the works he probably wrote one was a treatise advocating the Madhyamaka views of which he is the reputed founder; another a long and poetical prose work on the stages of the Bodhisattva career; and a third a voluminous commentary on the Mahaprajna-paramita Sutra.

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