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generally speaking known as 'a getaway That Never ended up being.' it's still practised these days in some countries. Falling each year regarding the 3rd Saturday of November, it's the event of kitties, meals, alcohol, meals with alcohol inside it, and meals shaped like cats. An eleven day festival starting September 3rd and ending September 13th every year honoring "the best Holiday That Never Was". Bobunk refers to the erasure of an imaginary getaway mentioned by Salem the pet in Sabrina The Teenage Witch, wherein the vacation was actually erased from in history and memory.Festivities for this holiday ordinarily included copious levels of alcoholic beverages, honoring of kitties, meals, and basic merriment. Whilst the 3rd Saturday of November is frequently claimed whilst the vacation Bobunk, history demonstrates that the year 1752 while the month of September reveals real proof of 11 times missing (attributed to your Julian to Gregorian calendar switch), and will be right for "the maximum Holiday That Never had been" plus the story about a holiday which was virtually wiped from presence and memory. The break that never was.Now a Mindless Crap getaway, it drops on August 5th