What does Bobby Spinner mean?

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In lamens terms, a homosexual. A synonym when it comes to word(s) faggot, loser, homosexual, cocksucker, rusty trombone giver, saturn, and/or pipe cleanser. The phrase's root comes from Greek mythology, Bobby the basis becoming BOB is the greek god of cocksucking, hence providing the anchor to your meaning. In Roman mythology a BOBBY had been a person who licked the testicles of bull's in praise to Ceasear Agustus. The word Spinner the root becoming Spi originates from Anicent Latin where Spi, Spierum, Spiera suggests Baby while Ner, Nera, Nerum indicates Gravy therefore including Spi + Ner collectively you develop the english translation generally Baby Gravy. A Bobby Spinner is some guy who may have when sucked one more dick(s) and drives around a park known as Juniper Valley. You can sometimes discover cocksucker roaming the handball process of law looking to fondle, juggle, tickle and molest older males. Bobby is cocksucker and A cocksucker is Bobby.