What does Bobby Goes Nuts mean?

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An episode of King associated with the Hill in which Bobby learns the art of "that's my purse", involving throwing folks when you look at the nads. He makes use of this forbidden move on a bully after a fight, and next his father, Hank, trys to show him about boxing. Bobby then accidently (by "reflexes", one reason why why the renowned "that's my purse move" is forbidden) utilizes this move ahead his dad, which causes him to be grounded. Bobby after that rebells, which in turn causes Hank send Peggy out to get him. The two then fight, and Bobby attempts to use the "that is my bag move", but it backfires because Peggy doesn't always have any nads (or does she...). It really is by far the most popular bout of King associated with Hill, being the prime sourse of KotH youtube poops.