What does Bobby mean?

Bobby meaning in General Dictionary

A nickname for a British policeman from Sir Robert Peel whom renovated the police force See Peeler

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  • a friendly term for a British policeman
  • A nickname for a policeman; -- from Sir Robert Peel, whom remodeled the police power. See Peeler.

Bobby meaning in Names Dictionary

Pet type of Roberta, Robert, or Barbara. Abbreviated type of Robert.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Unisex

Bobby meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"London policeman," 1844, from Mr. (later on Sir) Robert Peel (1788-1850), Residence Secretary just who introduced the Metropolitan Police Act (10 Geo IV, c.44) of 1829. Compare peeler.

Bobby - German to English

Bobby [Emilio Estevez]

Sentence Examples with the word Bobby

He assumed the young man occupied the room for the same purposes as Randy's friend, Bobby Ridner.

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