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(verb) To "bobbittize" a man, may be the act of a scorned, enraged or mental woman cutting-off his penis, for payback. The work of bobbittizing a man originates from the sordid relationship of John Wayne Bobbitt and his crazy wife, Lorena Bobbitt.They had tough commitment which gained global notoriety for an event in 1993 whenever Lorena severed or bobbittizd John's cock with a knife. The penis was later surgically re-attached.During the evening of Summer 23, 1993, John Wayne Bobbitt arrived at the couple's home in Manassas, VA, very intoxicated after per night of partying. He then raped their spouse Lorena. After ward, she got up out of bed and visited your kitchen. There she noticed a carving blade on the counter and "memories of previous domestic abuses raced through the woman mind." She re-entered the sack in which John had been resting and proceeded to stop or "bobbittize" about 2.5cm, nearly half their penis.After assaulting her husband, Lorena left the apartment using the severed penis, drove some time, after that rolled along the vehicle screen and tossed the penis into a field. Recognizing the seriousness of the event, she ended and called 911. After an exhaustive search, your penis had been positioned, loaded in ice, and taken up to a healthcare facility where John Bobbitt was being addressed.His dick had been reattached during a nine-and-a-half-hour operation.