What does Boba Bomb mean?

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The work of busting (or creaming for women) into your hand, simply to smack your lover in face with said nut, while projecting the expression "BOBA BOMB!" This will simply be performed if your companion will not ingest or even receive a facial. The phrase uttered while doing the Boba Bomb may be substituted for other phrases such as for instance "Make me personally a pie!" or "HADUKEN!" The smack could be replaced for a direct or open palm face punch, even though this is extremely unrecommended, as this reverts the Boba Bomb into a form of the strawberry shortcake. Make sure to say the term as noisy as you are able to, as the point is startle your lover before effect, as well to notify anybody within earshot about your intentions.The HADUKEN with available palm face punch does not count as a strawberry shortcake, it just matters as awesome.The Boba Bomb is converted to a competition using point system being:Performing the Boba Bomb: 10 points.Haduken: +4 pointsIf partner cries: +2 pointsIf partner comes back for more after ward: +10 pointsIf partner likes it: you just have actually mad props.If partner makes you a pie after ward: +20 pointsIf lover carries out the Boba Bomb on you: -50 things and loss in respect*The person with the most points after the set period of time gains and all sorts of other people must bow to their greatness along with tell everyone else exactly how much much better intimately then they tend to be themselves. Additionally, they have to choose the champion taco bell or something.Notes -*(this is often carried out by the lady creaming in her hand and smacking the woman partner, or by letting the woman partner bust into her hand, and smacking him with his very own fan.)