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Considered among the best real time performers previously. His capability to relate to the audience ended up being amazing. Has-been inducted in to the rock n' roll hallway of fame. Has received 10 straight and very quickly to-be eleven straight platinum and multi-platinum records, 19 Top-40 singles, almost a million admission product sales during '96 trip and almost 50 million albums sold worldwide. He's got recorded 19 albums spanning almost 40 years. He had been created in Detriot, and just had local success at first. By 1968, he had five Top Ten singles in the Detroit market. He was unheard-of outside Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania and some various other Midwest areas -- but in Detroit, his records outsold the Beatles. He has got had one number 1 hit and another #1 record album. Has generated some of the most stunning music ever. A legend forever.