What does Boatswains Mate mean?

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Boatswains Mate is a word with over one definition.1.A ineffective place, usually in a naval workplace, for which the sole certification is proper color vision.2.Easily angered, when subordinates do less work than they are doing.3.Micromanagement skills are foundational to to success inside price.4.One whom wants to snitch.5.If male, usually has actually a petite penis, but if feminine usually has penis.6.Is anxiously seeing the news headlines for a repeal of "do not ask, Don't tell"7.Expendable, bit to no real worth towards the Armed Forces.8.If angered, expect lots of mad ranting, but due to decreased manhood, retaliation is not likely.9.Recent studies have shown that the normal Boatswains Mate Cries himself to sleep as a result of insufficient testosterone in his bloodstream. If feminine, she cries by herself to fall asleep due to deficiencies in male interest.10.Evidence indicates that Boatswains Mates were utilized in the place of Monkeys in Russian room experiments.11.Can be used as opposed to any insult. Including: Toolbag, Duche, Steaming Pile of Shitbag, Bench Rider, Dumbass, Cum Guzzler, Parasite, Influenza, Shit Stain