What does Boatism mean?

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Boatism, the "religion" for individuals who need no religion.The "oars" of Boatism:1) Be good person2) Smoke herb3) Drink tea4) ChillAny of those besides 1) are recommended, however they most definitely help.Now...Imagine you are sat on a watercraft, with whatever you would want to make the moment positively PERFECT.This may be the Boat of Perfection.whenever you realize just how much you like it, be a Boatist.The Boatist "Church" - wherever the fuck you like.The Boatist "Ceremony" - spark up.The Boatist "God" - The Boat of Perfection.To become a Boatist, merely inform yourself you might be a Boatist, and be safe, then the planet's your oyster.We are a non-hate, non-profit & non-structured "organisation", so we do not want your shit, your hard earned money or your concept like "man we ought to all go take a seat on a boat somewhere and become like wow" because...nah. Just live life is likely to means, so long as it isn't lame.So surround yourself with good individuals, and try not to ever provide too much of a stuff about something that does not truly matter.