What does Boardwalk Whore mean?

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(N)An east seaboard lifestyle, maybe not a society or group, of ruthless, extremely sexy, extremely underage, and extremely a lot so pretending is intoxicated after a sip females, which vary in age from 13-19 years. Their crass and egotistical attitudes hences the word "whore", with their expert capacity to rock any drunken university man's globe. They enjoy playing "hard to get", although they only spent 2 hours in a hotel bathroom correcting by themselves up for a night of hormones rampage. Knowing the lifestyles among these animals is more less a survival guide to rid yourself of avoidable condition, and unlawful costs compared to a denotation.A term provided predominately to women whom reside in Mid-Atlantic region for the east United States, and attend Senior few days in Ocean City, Maryland between the original few days to a fortnight or even more, on second to 4th few days, in June. Indeed, a sexual encounter with a Boardwalk Whore can be viewed as ultimate, The Holy Grail if you will, of most intercourse you'll ever participate in. The main objective of this band of indigenous females would be to: score free alcohol, slink around town in garments that could cause their parents having heart failure, and ruin the life of horny dudes obtained sexual intercourse with by returning to Pennsylvania the next day. The protection of investing a parental and rule no-cost few days or more away from popular society folkways, might be both viewed psychologically and sociologically.