What does Boards mean?

Boards meaning in General Dictionary

the boarding that surrounds an ice hockey rink

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  • (used in the plural) the phase of a theater
  • (used when you look at the plural) the boarding that surrounds an ice hockey rink

Boards meaning in Sports Dictionary

Are the boundaries that enclose the rink. (sport: Ice Hockey)

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  • obstacles that run over the sideline of playing location ta keep carefully the ball in play. (sport: Polo)

Sentence Examples with the word Boards

In some cities the mayor has received an absolute power of appointment; the departments, especially the boards of health, have large ordinance-making powers; statutes passed by the state legislature determine (excepting the states where cities can make their own charters) the principal lines of municipal policy, and the real control over appropriations and taxes is occasionally found vested in a board of estimate, consisting of the mayor, comptroller (the chief financial officer), and a few other administrative officials.

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