What does Bo Bo B.O. bo bo b.o. Bo mean?

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B.O, body odour. A fantastic smelling odor you will get if you do not shower regulary and sweat a lot.Pronounced as BEE-OH coolest mom fucker ever <noun> Slang abbreviation;Literally, System Odour. The odor that it produced whenever germs feeds on sweat ergo rendering it stale. Frequently unpleasant. Just one more slang term for prescription promethazine/codeine cough syrup via the Bay Area 1.another name for a friend 2.put in place of someone's title A person's normal, unaltered smell, particularly whatever hails from your underarms. B.O. can smell like brie, diesel motor, sukang paombong, or newly mowed grass, to name a few similar odors. Twelfth grade locker rooms and frat houses are locales notorious the odor of lingering B.O. A Bo is strong, good looking, noble, masculine, with a burning disire to ensure success. Flexible, but doesn't break. Excessively capable, knowledgeable, positive, certian, never ever boastful. An unbreakable might. Bo knows the required steps to win and can drive it towards the really advantage, if thats not enough, Bo will drive it throughout the edge. Bo believes there isn't any these types of thing as an extra location winner. Effortless does it,,,my butt.French enchantment as Beau or Biau meaning good looking, gorgeous, noble, graceful, elegant, courteous , but like Bo also courageous, strong,,, bends, but don't break. Beware, a Bo will snap right back with without warning.