What does Bluetooth mean?

Bluetooth meaning in Law Dictionary

n available wireless signal used on short distances. It connects various types of devices in your community without an individual line. It's the frequency of 2.45 GHz to get the many information readily available of 1 MB/Sec. It hops stations to avoid interferce. Make reference to WiFi.

Bluetooth meaning in Business Dictionary

Non-proprietary (start) standard for cordless digital information communication over quick distances (10 meters/30 feet). A radio-frequency (RF) based technology, Bluetooth is designed to link just about any type of digital camera computers, keyboards, monitors, printers, individual electronic assistants, earphones, microphones, mobile phones, video cameras, etc. across wall space and barriers without wires. It works at a frequency of 2.45 GHz to give the current maximum data transfer price of just one megabits per second (up to 700 kilobits per second used, or higher than 10 times the rate of a 56K modem), and uses 'channel hopping' processes to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI). Proposed in 1998 by Swedish electronic devices company Ericsson (planet's biggest mobile systems provider), Bluetooth is supported by some 2,000 businesses world-wide, including IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, Siemens, and Toshiba. Known as after the 10th Century Viking king Harold Blatland (unifier of Dutch and Norwegian kingdoms) whoever last name implies bluetooth in old Norse. See also Wi-Fi.

Bluetooth meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

A computing and telecommunications industry requirements that describes how various elements eg cell phones, computers, or private electronic assistants can keep in touch with each other. Bluetooth is a RF technology that works at 2.4 GHz, has actually a powerful array of 32-feet (10 meters) (this range can alter depending on the power class), and it has a transfer price of just one Mbps and throughput of 721 Kbps. An illustration of this how Bluetooth could be utilized may be the capability to link some type of computer to a cell phone without any cables or special connections. The picture is an example of a USB Bluetooth adapter from SMC.

Bluetooth - German to English

Bluetooth [standard for wireless data transmission]

Bluetooth meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

This cordless technology allows interaction between Bluetooth-compatible devices. It is used for short-range connections between desktop computer and laptop computers, PDAs (like Palm Pilot or Handspring Visor), digital camera models, scanners, cellular phones, and printers. Infrared as soon as served similar function as Bluetooth, nonetheless it had many drawbacks. For example, if there was an object placed between your two communicating products, the transmission will be interrupted. (you have observed this limitation when making use of a television remote-control). In addition, the Infrared-based communication ended up being sluggish and products were frequently incompatible with one another. Bluetooth takes care of all those limits. Since the technology is founded on radio waves, there is items and sometimes even wall space put involving the interacting devices together with link won't be disrupted. Also, Bluetooth uses a typical 2.4 GHz frequency in order for all Bluetooth-enabled devices should be suitable for both. The sole disadvantage of Bluetooth is that, because of its high-frequency, its range is limited to 30 feet. While this is very easily enough for transferring information inside the exact same room, if you are walking in your yard and would like to transfer the target guide from your own cell phone towards computer system in your basement, you might be out of fortune. However, the short-range is seen as an optimistic aspect aswell, as it increases the security of Bluetooth interaction.

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