What does Blue flag mean?

Blue flag meaning in Sports Dictionary

If held nonetheless, the banner indicates that a driver is very close behind; in case it is being waved, the flag indicates that driver behind really wants to overtake. (sport: stock-car Racing)

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  • shows to a driver that there is another vehicle near behind; when the banner is being waved, what this means is toward motorist that another car is trying to pass through him. (sport: Formula One)
  • If held in a stationary position, this suggests that a competitor is after close behind; if banner will be waved this implies that another automobile is attempting to pass through. (sport: Karting)
  • When held nevertheless, the flag suggests that another driver is close at the rear of; when it is being waved, the banner indicates that another motorist is wanting to pass. (recreation: Rallycross)

Blue flag meaning in General Dictionary

a standard iris of this eastern united states of america having blue or blue-violet plants; root previously used medicinally

Sentence Examples with the word Blue flag

On the 10th of March the garrison of Alessandria mutinied, and its example was followed on the 12th by that of Turin, where the Spanish constitution was demanded, and the black, red and blue flag of the Carbonari paraded the Streets.

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