What does Blue Moon Dust mean?

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"That dust, called Blue Moon Dust, is a very rare dust that may be gotten just from double pixies that have been born at nighttime during a blue moon."part affects include-"It couldn't simply change his look, it actually turned him back into their old self. He will bear in mind nothing that occurred to him following the age of 16. But there's a downside to the Blue Moon Dust. It literally divides the evil from the good in an individual. That which we have actually here is the good one half. Their bad side continues to be online, which explains why we must continue on with the master plan."it allows you to rest, bleed from your anal area, have actually uncontrollable diareah, and call everyone who brings blue moon dust-up 'jackie'. additionally, you will have an uncontrollable desire to consume chneider puppies. along with to-be called a "mannibal cowflag"