What does Blue Lamp mean?

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"Blue Lamp" is really what you tell a buddy which denies they are really drunk to keep in mind. In the morning ask, "what were you likely to bear in mind?" If your friend can remember blue lamp each day a sense of success will overwhelm all of them as they have proven these were not actually that drunk, incase the buddy cannot remember blue lamp confusion will overwhelm all of them.Origin of term:At my buddy's lake household i had had somewhat to take in. my pal held telling me that I became acting wild and informing us to calm down, but i vehemently denied my drunkenness. I was thinking I was acting completely normal. therefore my friend stated "Okay, that lamp right there is blue... In the morning you need to remember blue lamp if you'ren't therefore drunk." Therefore the next early morning i wake-up and scream "BLUE LAMP!!!" turns out i may not need already been since drunk as my buddy thought.