What does Blue Chip mean?

Blue Chip meaning in Finance Dictionary

A company with a sizable marketplace capitalisation, stable earnings, consistent dividend record, and reputation as a reliable investment. There are not any formal principles for joining the ranks of blue potato chips, rather than fundamentally any arrangement about which businesses belong to the club, although organizations that define a country's leading stock index would frequently be viewed as blue potato chips. The definition of is believed to come from gambling processor chip found in gambling enterprises.

Blue Chip meaning in Law Dictionary

large organization with solid earnings and payments. They succeed in good and bad times but still have the ability to grow. Japan calls this very first part.

Blue Chip meaning in Etymology Dictionary

additionally blue-chip, in mention of the the high-value poker countertop, from 1904 in figurative feeling of "valuable;" stock-exchange sense, in mention of "stocks considered a trusted financial investment," is first recorded 1929; particularly of shares that saw dazzling increases in worth in four many years roughly before the Wall Street crash of that 12 months.

Blue Chip meaning in Business Dictionary

Large, prestigious, successful, and steady organization. Blue-chip businesses have a great record of profits and dividend repayments in both bad and the good times, and have a solid lasting development potential. The expression comes from the overall game of poker where greatest price processor chip is blue. Known as very first part in Japan.

Blue Chip meaning in General Dictionary

a standard stock of a nationally known company whose worth and dividends are reliable; routinely have large price and low yield

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  • a blue poker processor chip using the highest worth

Blue Chip - German to English

blue chip [fig.]