What does Blowfessional mean?

Blowfessional meaning in Urban Dictionary

1. An expert blow task giver. A female who is able to really offer an incredible blowjob.A lady who is able to offer you a bit of paradise through her lips.2. You know she's a Blowfessional when she starts giving you that seductive laugh ,kisses your dick and wraps the woman fingers lightly around it. Then, she begins stroking your cock with her right-hand in sync into the pace this woman is moving her mouth as she slowly massages your balls while she slowly sucks the pinnacle of your penis extremely softly and swirls her tongue across the tip while using the her hand to jack you down at the base of penis while deep throating. While doing this she begins to hum and moan and also as you might be prepared cum she moans and sucks harder and squeezes the beds base of penis while sucking. While you cum it's going to get completely down her neck and she seems up at you with a smile and swallows it all.