What does Blotis mean?

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An adjective used to explain a female who is beyond being excessively overweight. A Blotis are identified by if matter close to the girl is attracted inward due to the woman massive gravitational pull, very similar to a Black Hole. If you notice a Blotis in public, avoid the lady no matter what. Coming within the occasion horizon of a Blotis is fatal and there's no escape.A Blotis has a formidable need certainly to eat all matter inside universe.A Blotis might near-by whenever you can literally have the surface trembling or there is a sudden rupture within the space-time continuum. In case of such misfortune the most effective course of action is to find shelter within the nearest gym.Avoid public places such fast-food restaurants and theme areas, unless you with to examine a Blotis with it's all-natural habitat.It is speculated that whenever a Blotis absorbs a crucial size of matter she'll become a super-massive Blotis, which will mark the worlds closing.