What does Bloomsbury mean?

Bloomsbury meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1910, in reference to the collection of Bohemian article writers, musicians, and intellectuals (including E.M. Forster, Virginia Woolf, Vanessa and Clive Bell, John Maynard Keynes) centered on Lytton Strachey; so named from the London neighbor hood where a number of lived and worked.ladies in love with buggers and buggers deeply in love with womanizers, I don't know what the whole world is coming to. [Lytton Strachey] The area name's recorded 1291 as Blemondesberi "manor held by the Blemond family," from Bl

Bloomsbury meaning in General Dictionary

a city region of main London organized in yard squares

Sentence Examples with the word Bloomsbury

Reverberations of the gossip of St James's and Mayfair extended to Bloomsbury in those days.

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