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Bloomfield, brand new Mexico is simply another word for "Vacuum." I love to call-it, "Darwin's Sick Joke." It will be the littlest city in San Juan County and has nown't grown any bigger since 1973. Furthermore mainly full of Navajos, and large Mexican people so inbreeding happens regularly very nearly by accident (but mainly deliberately). Town its self seems more like an ill-conceived, garbage ridden suburb to Farmington, New Mexico. Mainly because most of Bloomfield's population works in Farmington. You'll find nothing to-do but take in, capture guns in crowded communities, and do Meth. Which can be in which most of New Mexico's supply of Meth is produced.Bloomfield High is simply a four-year (or two if you are desperate) keeping cellular if your wanting to either operate in a Oil Field work, then resort to meth to get the "overtime" hours. If you are perhaps not when you look at the oil industry, you are most likely ridiculed for not working when you look at the oil area. 75per cent of any graduating course has not considered leaving town, 15per cent Only decided to go to university in condition or perhaps in the Four Corner shows (Arizona, Colorado, brand new Mexico, Utah) and little 10% in fact get-out through the location entirely, simply to be sucked back again.If you'll prevent living, hell, also moving through Bloomfield, New Mexico, do so. Because once you stop, you're ended for life.