What does Bloody nose mean?

Bloody nose meaning in Medical Dictionary

Bleeding through the arteries of this nostrils. The nostrils is high in arteries and it is located in a vulnerable position on face. Thus, any injury into the face can cause bleeding, which can be profuse. Nosebleeds can also occur spontaneously if the nasal membranes dry, crust, and crack, as is common in dry climates or during winter time, when the air is dry and warm from family heating units. People have increased susceptibility to nosebleeds if they are using medicines that prevent regular blood clotting, eg warfarin (name brand: Coumadin), aspirin, or any anti inflammatory medication. Other predisposing elements feature disease, injury, sensitive and nonallergic rhinitis, high blood pressure, alcoholic abuse, and inherited hemorrhaging problems. Also called epistaxis.

Sentence Examples with the word Bloody nose

Others were exposed to bar room fights, muggings, schooled in army combat or at least been the recipient of a bloody nose from a third grade bully.

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