What does Blood-Hoof mean?

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A mysterious and hidden society of exceptionally smart and naughty pranksters. Originating from the western suburbs of Chicago, Blood-Hoof was created by “The Council of Five”. This council planed and performed many or even all very early Blood-Hoof missions. Reports towards present movements or doings of this underground neighborhood are quite few. As a rule of flash reporters and regional authorities eliminate straight attacking the “Council’ or their operatives less their particular cars and domiciles be vandalized with burritos, plastic based preparing wraps, shaving ointments, or other detergent based services and products. Because regrettable situations, for instance the great syrup misfortune of ’05, have led to the “council” to adopt a closed-door policy rendering it very difficult for prospected members to achieve access. Blood-Hoof will stay a mystery so long as the communities leaders decide to keep it so, but until then the public should be aware and notice that nobody is safe with no one should be trusted.