What does Blood transfusion mean?

Blood transfusion meaning in Medical Dictionary

The transfer of blood or bloodstream components in one individual (the donor) to the bloodstream of some other person (the individual). Bloodstream transfusion may be done as a lifesaving maneuver to displace blood cells or bloodstream items lost through bleeding or as a result of despair of bone tissue marrow. Transfusion of your respective own bloodstream (autologous) could be the best strategy but requires advanced level planning, rather than all customers are eligible for this. Directed donor bloodstream enables the in-patient to get blood from known donors. Volunteer donor bloodstream is generally most readily available and, whenever properly tested, has actually a decreased threat of side effects.

Blood transfusion meaning in General Dictionary

the development of bloodstream or bloodstream plasma into a vein or artery

Sentence Examples with the word Blood transfusion

And yet, in that world, the Wright brothers flew a plane, a blood transfusion was performed, the speed of light was measured, and an uncountable number of human accomplishments were achieved.

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