What does Blood pressure mean?

Blood pressure meaning in Medical Dictionary

The blood pressure is the force associated with the blood in the arteries. It really is created mostly by the contraction for the heart muscle tissue. It's dimension is recorded by two figures. The very first (systolic force) is assessed after the heart contracts and it is greatest. The 2nd (diastolic stress) is calculated prior to the heart agreements and least expensive. a blood pressure cuff is used determine the stress. Elevation of hypertension is called "hypertension".

Blood pressure meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

the total amount of pressure applied because of the blood on the arteries.

Blood pressure meaning in General Dictionary

the pressure associated with circulating bloodstream from the walls of the arteries; outcomes from the systole of this remaining ventricle of the heart; sometimes calculated for a fast assessment of a person's wellness

Sentence Examples with the word Blood pressure

When iron is injected directly into a vein it depresses the heart's action, the blood pressure and the nervous system, and during its excretion greatly irritates the bowel and the kidneys.

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