What does Blood poisoning mean?

Blood poisoning meaning in Medical Dictionary

The medical term is "septicemia." No matter what of these two terms-blood poisoning or septicemia-you prefer, something meant is the ditto, specifically a "general (systemic) condition this is certainly due to the existence and also the persistence of germs (pathogenic microorganisms) or their particular toxins in the bloodstream." The "germs" are micro-organisms (in bacteremia) or any other microscopic representative of disease capable of causing infection in humans. Another term this is certainly very closely about "blood poisoning" and "septicemia" is "sepsis." "Sepsis" in addition is the presence and determination of germs or their toxins when you look at the blood but those germs or toxins do not should be in the blood. They could be in other areas associated with the human body. Bloodstream poisoning/septicemia and sepsis are often really serious. They are able to sometimes be life threatening diseases phoning for immediate and comprehensive attention.

Blood poisoning meaning in General Dictionary

invasion for the bloodstream by virulent microorganisms from a focus of infection