What does Blood group mean?

Blood group meaning in Medical Dictionary

An inherited feature at first glance associated with purple blood cells. A series of associated bloodstream kinds comprises a blood team system, like the Rh or ABO system. The frequencies of the ABO and Rh bloodstream types change from populace to populace. In america, the most frequent kind is O+ (meaning O in ABO system and positive in the Rh system), that is within 37.4 per cent of the population. The frequencies in the usa (in descending order) tend to be O+ (37.4 per cent), A+ (35.7 %), B+ (8.5 percent), O- (6.6 per cent), A- (6.3 percent), AB+ (3.4 per cent), B- (1.5 per cent), and AB- (0.6 percent).

Blood group meaning in General Dictionary

personal bloodstream cells (usually simply the purple bloodstream cells) which have the same antigens