What does Blondesome mean?

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Thee 'Blondesome' is the most amazing woman on the planet, she also fits the beckie information. She actually is sort, elegant, fucking hillarious, beautiful, godlike and also the perfect orgasm. A Blondesome also is no ordinary girl and wont be forced into a submitting of any kind, you'll become the woman bitch.Blondesome, is great truly, and i do not must write a huge definition to mention that, I would be here for hours.If you by some divine wonder, have a Blondesome for the girlfriend, your expected to get the most amazing sex ever, the day when you read this.A Blondesome comes with the required 'wants' in a girl, epically spectacular, the greatest songs flavor ever before, morals, (makes things much more interesting) the very best set of boobs you will previously feel/see, perfect body - no bones, epic legs, no saggyness, an attractive vagina, the maximum sex locks, the greatest tresses anyhow, doesnt show appreciation which makes you works more difficult, probably the most epic lines, and it has the mentality of a kid but once again the prefect 17 year old human anatomy delivered from god.