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n: blog+novel, but perhaps not either at exact same timeb+n=~b+~nb+n=~bnbn=~bnIt was originally created by a brilliant awesome guy on Monday at 4:51pm on the 28th of September. But another person decided she found the phrase very exciting and chose to use it. She would be recharged for making use of it since she didn't possess legal rights, the super awesome man allow her to slide...twice. Because of the third time she used the phrase "blogel", he made a decision to be very nice and gave the girl 50% regarding the rights towards word "blogel" at 11:45pm on Tuesday, the 29th of September. Therefore today this means "if ever ANYONE in the WORLD!!! utilizes it we get like $5 each". So folks of society, go on and Blogel yourself all that's necessary!!